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We all have that friend…the one who takes different colors, patterns and textures and whips them into a room that takes our breath away. How do they do it? Combining colors can seem overwhelming and intimidating (haven’t we all bought that couch that looked so good in the store but horrible at home?) but with a bit of know-how, you can unlock some powerful design secrets and select colors with confidence.

Knowing how warm and cool colors affect a space and how to use neutrals and bold, bright colors are the keys to a successful space. Pair that with your own likes and dislikes and you’ll have the room you’ve always wanted in no time.

warm color trends
Warm Color Trends

Warm colors can range from the very lightest of yellows to the very darkest of reds. When choosing a warm color we think of oranges, reds and yellows. When applying these types of color choices to a carpet, the warm colors translate into browns and rusts.

The darker and medium browns and rusts will anchor your room and these darker warmer shades will make the room intimate…especially if you continue the warmer theme on the walls as well.

Warm neutrals can also be achieved by graying down the oranges and the browns. The grayer the warm color the more neutral it becomes. Warm beiges are achieved by lightening the brown and adding gray. These warm neutral carpets are the most versatile.


cool color trends
Cool Color Trends

Cool colors also run the gamut from light to dark. In choosing a carpet color in the cool family you will need to consider the lightness or darkness of the walls as well. The obvious choices in the cool family are the blues and greens. 

Choosing a darker shade of blue or green will still give you a cool feeling, but the darker the shade the more grounded your room will feel. The lighter the green color the more open and airy the space will feel. 

Cool trends also are represented in more neutral tones.  Adding gray to a shade of green will still produce a cool color but it will be less green and for some people a color that is more usable.  


neutral color trends
neutral color trends

Neutral colors can be warm or cool.  When we think of warm neutrals we think of beiges and tans and when we think of cool neutrals we immediately think of gray.  Both of these color families, tans and grays, are excellent carpet color selections. 

For those of us who would consider these choices safe or boring, selecting a subtle pattern or an obvious texture can create a fresh look.     

The majority of carpet selections fall within the neutral color palette but this does not mean the room’s interior would or could be any less exciting or interesting depending on what we pair with our neutral carpet…we are just using our carpet as a our canvas. 


bold color trends
Bold Color Trends

Bold color choices are made by those of us who know what we are doing or perhaps just think we know what we are doing.  We at least know what we like! 

Applying a bold color choice to a carpet selection may mean a bright red, but could also mean choosing a stark white carpet in a darkly painted room.    Success is pairing bold colors with the most suitable of partners when it comes to your total combination of carpet, paint, fabric and accessories.

Availability for bold carpet colors may appear narrow in comparison with neutral carpet colors but bold color offerings are highly researched to be  as close to trend colors as possible.

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